The life of this native Californian has certainly been eventful and exciting! Along with her creative headpieces, fashion, television and film appearances, Carmen Carter is publicly known for her dynamic and cap- tivating vocal performances on the Emmy nominated hit television show Dancing with the Stars!

Carmen is the youngest of four children and grew up in a loving home. Her parents, Allen and Lillian Carter who have been married for over 63 years, always knew she was destined for greatness! Graduating in the top five of the Morningside High School graduating class of 82′, she continued her education at UCLA as a biology major. While attending college, she often moonlighted in local clubs with the jazz fusion band Kush. Eventually, the favorable reactions that she received from the audience while performing live outweighed her desire to continue her college education. Her parents were devastated! However, that which seemed to be disastrous proved to be the catalyst for the gratifying and successful career of Carmen Carter!

She has appeared and/or performed in numerous films, commercials, television shows, and charitable events and has worked with notable directors, composers, producers, and companies such as Steven Spielberg, Hans Zimmer, David Foster and Disney to name a few.    (A comprehensive list of her credits can be viewed at the following web address: ).  In addition to her interest in music, she has an admirable affinity for helping others! She has donated her time and vocal talents to schools and other noteworthy organizations dedicated to promoting the empowerment of people, such as: Discovery Arts, The Boys and Girls Club and Shred Kids Le Femme Film Festival.

Aside from her busy schedule, Carmen Carter is a proud wife and mother of two. She enjoys leading worship at Lighthouse Church, cooking and nurturing her family. Carmen Carter is a charismatic, gracious and family oriented artist who acknowledges where her talents comes from and gains immeasurable fulfillment sharing them with others!

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